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How to get Free Xbox Live Codes

Through several months of relentless research, constant effort, and diving deep into the data that goes into the registration process of signing up for Xbox Live, we’ve discovered a 100% effective way to get free Xbox Live codes.  It might seem too good to be true, but it’s not. 

To be completely honest, it shouldn’t have taken us as long as it did to figure it out!



It turns out that many companies and organizations place great value on knowing more about what people are interested in, so that they can tailor their existing products or services around the needs of consumers.  What happens is they provide us with a survey or other offer and in response; they give out free Xbox Live codes.   Okay, maybe it costs you a few minutes of your time.

Xbox Live is the best and most secure online gaming network.  There are over 30 million subscribers in 41 countries actively participating in what is easily the most active network gaming platform.  In 2012, Microsoft celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being the king of console gaming.

Since its inception, the Call of Duty line of games has exploded into an empire of undeniably attractive games with an incredible competition taking place online.  There’s also the ever so popular Halo and Gears of War series which have made a profound impact to online gaming.  Some classic games from the PC have also been migrated such as Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, and others.  It seems intuitive that any console gamer would want access to the Xbox live community and take part in it.

Another attractive feature is the use of Gamercards.  The Gamercard is an information panel tied to your account with your unique Gamer Tag, which is your online identity, and includes a tally of how many achievement you’ve accomplished and proudly displays this as a point value.  Any time you are online and someone tries to send you a message, they will instantly see how well you have done at certain games.  If you have earned the right to call yourself a gamer, it will be known.

Finally, you can play online with friends that you’ve met both offline and over the internet.  Invite some of your best local players from school or work and team up to square off against everything the online community has to offer.

With all of these perks available to someone who wants to play a console game online, there are too many reasons to take advantage of free Xbox Live gold codes.  If you want to bring a friend along to play too, share this website with them and make it a team game.  With minimal effort, you could be part of the action as well!

Fifa 15 Crack Reviews

FIFA 15 is a very popular footbatll game launched by EA (Electronic Arts) in year 2008. Globally it has a reach of 2 million users. And is one of best sports game in the world right now. Nice game play , real life sports emulation has led to the huge popularity of this game worldwide. It is compatible with almost all latest gaming consoles namely XBOX, Ps3 and others. It works equally well for PC version due to its ignite edition.


It has over 700 licensed team and over 50 range of stadiums to play on. The graphics of the game is very real as a result it requires a lot of processing power to run it. So make sure you have a decent grahphics card to play with it.
Tips to Play fifa:
To play well in FIFA15 game you not only need to be a good player but you also need to have a great team. Like its said a team is as good as its team. The controls of the game also take bit time to catch so make sure your reflexes are good. The moment you loose concentration and you can loose the game.

The major issue with the game its paid and everyone can not pay for it. Research has shown over 80% of the players of the game are teens. And generally teens dont have that much cash around. So to solve this issue one needs to visit site like freelibs.org to download Fifa 15 crack.

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